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Today's Special Feature!

This was my very first commercial. I was so elated to be given this opportunity. Thank you NUTS, ltd. My first agent and to Fairview.



I make house calls!

I get cast as a doctor and nurse quite often, so I own scrubs, white coat and a stethoscope.


Award Winning Short

I wrote, directed, produced and starred in this short film about a woman who realizes she needs a little help to get through the day, it's just not from who she thought it would be. 

This won The Capra Family Strong Female Filmmaker Award, the first one ever. 


Red Carpet Host for TCFF

This is one of my favorite things to do! I love interviewing fellow actors, writers, directors, sound technicians, the list goes on!


Voice Over work 

I enjoy doing voice over, sometimes I get to do different voices and that's where all the fun comes in!


Print work

Capella University


Girl Power!

Short Film by ITM films


First time film maker!

I wrote, produced, directed a short film and yes I played the lead. Dream Killer is a bout an actress who wants to make it to the big screen and find encouragement from her Fairy God Mother. 

This short won Best in Genre and Make Up.


Mama Lena in Raisin in the Sun

I enjoyed playing a much wiser character. I channeled my Granny for this one!

Modeling for ShopHQ

I started my career modeling but I don't plan to stop there!

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