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Charla Marie​ Bailey was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She has three adult children, grandchildren, and lives with her husband and their two rescue dogs.

Charla Marie has been acting for over twenty-five years with experience on stage and film. She is looking forward to all the challenges, experiences and bountiful knowledge that comes with being an artist. 

Being no stranger to the film industry but certainly learning more behind the scenes, Charla Marie is also a novice filmmaker. She made two films under Passion & Purpose Films and won awards for both. One being Strong Female Filmmaker!

A few of her favorite moments include: Co-directing a stage play titled Black Wall Street: Dreamland Theater which turned out to be a huge success! Accepting a challenging role where her character spoke in legalese only, as if she was a walking contract.  Playing one of her bucket list roles - Lena Younger in A Raisin in the Sun... just a few more to go! And being in two films on Amazon Prime: Black in Minneapolis and Miles Between US.

When Charla Marie is not acting she enjoys working with her hands.  If it is broken, she can more than likely fix it, or she broke it so she can fix it, and see how it works. She also enjoys writing short plays and films.



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